Diana D

Diana D
Diana D
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Diana D

Diana D

Diana D=52-58

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Model : Diana D
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Fully adjustable ladies’ dressform DIANA D

This ladies' dress form can be adjusted to your own size and is ideal for people who love to sew their own clothes.

The Diana D mannequin is easy to adjust to your own sizes.
With the large pinch and turn knobs, which are divided between 8 body parts, you can choose the right size for upper waist and hip width. The neck width can be adjusted with the button on top and the back length can also be adjusted with the rod (on which the doll stands)

Simply select a size with adjustments ranges that includes your body measurements.
The 8 nylon foam-coated plastic parts move by turning the knobs. This creates space between the parts. You can see this on the photos and videos. After this, the doll does not seem as solid anymore, but it still is. The dressform is still strong and is converted into a doll with your own measurements.

Another advantage of the Diana mannequin is that you can judge your clothing much better. You can set the adjustable torso exactly at your own height and get a realistic picture of what the clothes will look like.

The Diana mannequin is covered with a non-sliding fabric, which means that a piece of clothing that is partly sewn together will easily stick on the doll. You can insert sewing head pins diagonally through this fabric. This is very handy because if you pinch the mannequin well, you can accurately adjust the fit.  This way you can use both hands. The clothing will not slip off the mannequin while you are working on this precise job.

Furthermore, the Diana dressform has a skirt meter with a clamp to easily measure a straight skirt hem. The stand of the dressform is easy to dismantle if you want to store it.

Moreover, the mannequin is not heavy and easy to carry … if, for example, you want to take pictures of the clothing in another room.

  • These dressform can also be made suitable for trousers, with the additional pants adapter (to be ordered separatly)

Choose your correct size based on this table:


Diana D

122-140 cm.

104-120 cm.

129-148 cm.

45-51 cm.

34-48 cm.

32-34 cm.

49-58 cm.

Choose your correct size based on the tables.

In the document "how do I choose a mannequin?" You will find all the instructions you need, to make the right choice.

Your smallest size (for example, hip width) determines the size of the dressform that you must choose. After all, the doll cannot be made smaller than the position in which the parts touch each other. If you still have a larger upper width than the doll can have, you can solve that with extra filling as described below.

If there is a very big difference between your hips and waist circumference, we recommend that you do not set the scales to their largest position but to increase the hip circumference with filling. You can see instructions for this on the photos and videos.

If you need a mannequin with a larger upper width you can obtain this by putting on an (old) bra of yourself and filling it up. If all sizes are perfect, put it a tight, elastic T-shirt on. This way, you can create cheaply, a stylish doll that is entirely tailored to your needs. 

Sizes Box Diana D: ..X..X.. cm.
Weight in box Diana D: .. kg.

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