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Merrylock Needles punch

Merrylock Needles punch
Merrylock Needles punch
€ 12.00
Merrylock Needles punch

Merrylock Needles punch

Punch 5 Needles

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Out Of Stock € 12.00

Unfortunately this product is no longer available
Hereby you will find a comparable product selection

Needles punch machines

Needles for all brands of household punch machines.

Also suitable for these brands of punch machines:

  • Pfaff
  • Husqvarna
  • Janome  ( only fits with adapter – order separately)
  • Happy lock special Punch
  • Merrylock
  • Happylock
  • Babylock

Sewing Tips for working with the punching machine

  • If you're used to working with a regular sewing machine then you know that
  • the machine moves the fabric.
  • If the needle is above the fabric, the fabric is pulled backwards.
  • The punching machine does not include transport. You will have the move the fabric yourself when using the a punch machine.
  • The fabric can be moved to all sides: left - right, oblique, front - back.
  • The fabric can only be moved when the needles are not in the fabric(under position).
  • By running the machine at full speed you reduce the chance that the fabric is "pulled away" while the needles are still in the fabric.
  • If the needles are still in the fabric they break if the fabric pulls away / moves.

In the ordinary sewing needle, while making a turn, you probably reduce speed. Forget this habit if you use the punch machine. It increases the chance of needle breaking.

The punching machine can handle most fabrics,

but if in doubt, it is best to try with a felting needle by hand(or a loose needle from the punch machine) if the fabric is easy to pierce. This is also a way of testing if you are not using a too thick layer of fabric.(by punching machines you normally will want to attach different layers of fabric or attach a thread to fabric)
Loosely woven fabric and fluffy threads work best (not tightly twisted woolen threads).

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