Embroidery machine hints

You'll want to make a beautiful piece. There are some things which you should consider:

  • Use a good quality bobbin thread (often the machine has its own brand (such as Brother bobbin thread).
  • Use a good quality embroidery thread.
  • Stitch the embroidery pattern for the first time on a sample piece of the same material. This is especially true for self-digitized designs.
  • Embroidery always with a stabilizer under the fabric.
    There are different types stabilizers. It is best to use the stabilizer along with the fabric in the hoop. The thinner the
    fabric, the thicker the stabilizer you choose. For stretch fabric, use an adhesive stabilizer (Filmoplast) to which you stick the fabric. This adhesive film can also be used if the fabric to be embroidered
    fabric is too small for the ring or too thick. Then tighten the sticky stabilizer in the hoop, pull the backing off and then put the fabric on the adhesive film.
  • Ensure that the backing material and the embroidery fabric are taut in the hoop. The tighter and smoother the fabric is the more beautiful embroidery.
  • "Hairy" fabric (such as fur or terrycloth) you can cover with water soluble stabilizer (Soluvlies, Avalon) before you start to embroider.This ensures a beautiful embroidery without hair or loops sticking out.
  • If you are going to embroider, you must make sure that the piece can freely move. A small piece is usually no problem, but a large piece needs support. The piece should not "hang" on the machine
  • Just as with sewing use thicker or thinner needles. This is related to the type of yarn and the type of fabric that is used.
  • Clean the machine regularly. Please refer to service on our website.