How to use a Twin needle

You can use a twin needle on most machines. Have a look in our webshop to see the different kinds and sizes of twin needles.

1 - Take out the normal needle

2 - Put in the twin needle just like a normal needle (flat part to the rear)

3 - Put in place two bobbins, like one of the methods shown to the left:

  • Use two bobbins, they will have to turn the opposite way (one gives thread from the upperside, the other from below). The bobbins will have to be completely smooth so the thread doesn't get hung up.
  • Put a separate bobbin pin on top of the machine.
  • Use the two bobbin pins already in place on the machine. 

4 - Thread the machine normally. With the two threads follow the thread path to just above the needle (use your manual if needed).

5 - Separate the two threads and guide them each through a hole in the needle.

Attention: If you have a threader on your machine, don't use it!

6 - You can now start sewing, testing first. Use the straight stitch.

7 - While stitching, the upper threads take the lower thread to form a kind of zigzag. This means that the seam will be elastic.

8 - You can now make a seam in jersey fabric.