Preparing your embroidery hoop

Start with the stablizer material in the hoop. 

It should be taut, like a tambourine skin.

If the embroidery is stitchintensif, and you use a big hoop then you can pin the borders of the material around the plastic of the hoop. Only put pins next to the hoop, so the embroidery foot will not hit the pins (see picture). Use the best combination of fabric and stabilizer for the best result.

Stabilizer is really needed to ensure a nice embroidery without puckering on different kind of fabrics.

There are many kinds of stablizers for sale.

  • Tear away stabilizer
  • Cut away stabilizer
  • Hydrosoluble stabilizer
  • Sticky/fusible stabilizer

Is the piece of fabric too small to be put in the hoop, than stick it to the stabilizer.

Some stabilizers have a sticky layer that is activated by heat (iron). Or you can use a temporary adhesive spray. Please read the instructions of the product!

Use hydrosoluble stabilizer when embroidering on terrycloth, so loops will not stick out.

You can also use this to embroider lace. It will dissappear when soaked in water.

Befor you start the embroidery, please ensure that the embroidery arm of the machine can freely move in all directions. If you are going to embroider a big piece of fabric, make sure the fabric is supported by the table.

Use the bobbinthread that is recommended for your machine.