Sewing with a Binder foot

With this foot you can easily sew bias tape (max width 7 mm, folded). You can use bought bias tape (already folded) or you can cut bias tape from your own fabric, with a maximal width of 2,5 cm. You can cut the bias tape on the bias of your fabric (makes nicer curves) or on the grain.

Enter the fabric in the foot, on the largest side. Use a pointed object, like a needle to pull the fabric through the guides. If you use an already folde bias tape, make sure the tape is pulled through the guides the same on both sides.

Pull the tape through the foot, so it sticks out a bit on the back. Attach the foot to the sewing machine with the click system.

Adjust the needle so it falls perfectly near the edge of the biais tape. If the needle doesn't fit through the hole of the foot, loosen srew (A) and adjust the foot so the needle fits trough the hole and falls near the edge of the tape.

Turn the handwheel to make sur the needle is really in the right position. Adjust the stitch, straight stitch 2-2,5 mm or zigzag stitch length 1-1,5 and width 2-3 mm.

Take your fabric on to which you want to sew the biais tape and put it in the foot. Turn the handwheel so the needle is in the fabric . You can now start sewing. Guide the tape and the fabric so the tape is nicely sewn to the border of the fabric.