Sewing with a Cirkelmaker or Flower foot

Choose the right foot for the circles you would like to create.

  • Circles with a size 1-2,5 cm: flowerfoot.
  • Circles with a size 6-32 cm: circle maker.

Sewing small circles with the flowerfoot

Put the foot on the machine. Loosen screw 1 and put the foot around the ax. Be careful to put transport lever of the flowerfoot around the needlescrew before tightening screw 1.

Turn off the feeddogs. Have a look in your sewing machines manual, since this differs from machine to machine.

Choose a stitch and put the fabric under the foot. Don’t use a too big a piece of fabric. The fabric will turn while stitching and the result will not be very good if the fabric cannot freely turn.

Start sewing. After a few stitches, pull the threads to the top and cut them short, so the threads don’t get tangled while turning the fabric. The fabric wil turn because of the foot.

Try diffeent stitches, zigzag, embroidery stitches. Trying different stitch widths and lenghts can give nice effects.

The size of the flowers/circles can be adapted by loosening screw 3 and sliding the foot. Towards the + the size will get bigger, towards the – the size will get smaller.

Sewing big circles with the circle maker

Fasten the plastic plate with double sided sticky tape on the sewing machine. The needle will have to be in the middle of the round opening in the plate.

Use the normal foot for the machine (a transparant foot is useful). Feeddogs should be UP.

Use the plastic rectangle to place the black slide with pin. Push the rectangle under the black slide. Near the pin you can read the size of the circle.

Pin a plastic circle on the pin, then the fabric, another plastic circle followed by the cap.

Choose a stich. Because the fabric is fastened on the pin, the fabric will turn. Don’t use a piece of fabric too big, If the fabric touches the machine, i twill not turn smoothly.

Try sliding the pin, all your circles will have the same centerpoint. Use different stitches, different lenghts and width for effects.

You can also repin the fabric, so you can make circles with different centerpoints. Or try making parts of circles.