Sewing with a Ruffler foot

You can use this foot to make and attach ruffled bands to fabric (garments, cushions, curtains). With this foot you can achieve a profesional result because the fabric will be ruffled very regurlarly. You have to possiblity to ruffle at three different sizes (explanations will follow). You can only use this foot with the needle in the middle position.

Attention: you can not use this foot with every machine. The needle clamp needs to be long enough so the forked part fits around it. Sometimes the clamp or the screw needs to be changed.

Attach the foot

Take the foot and the footholder off the machine.

Attach the ruffler foot, be careful to fit the forked part around the screw of needleclamp.

On the left side, the foot has to fit around the presserfoot bar so the screw on the foot can be secured.

Lower the presserfoot with the lever and tighten all screws.

Before starting to sew, check the foot if all screws are tightened and the foot is in the right position so the needle fits in the hole and doesn't touch the foot. Turn the handwheel to check ! If the needle doesn't fit in the hole of the foot, loosen the screw and push the foot a little bit to the left or right.

Test first on a piece of scrap fabric to see if the foot is functionning ok and to adjust the size of the ruffles.

Three settings are possible:

  • 1 ruffle for every stitch
  • 1 ruffle for every 6 stitches
  • 1 ruffle every 12 stitches
  • no ruffles : straight stitch

Use the lever to adjust the ruffle size.

On the lever the size is written as the number of stitches per ruffle.

You can also adjust the depth of the ruffles (between 0 and 8, 0 having almost no depth, to 8 having the most depth. To adjust, turn the orange button, tighten the screw afterwards.

Make a test on scrap fabric.

To sew with the ruffler foot : slide the fabric to ruffle under the foot, provide enought length. Pull the fabric to behind the foot. If you can't get the fabric under the foot use a piece of sturdy paper. Take out the paper before starting to sew.

Slide the fabric to which you want to attach the ruffled band between the foot.

Sew with a straight stitch (not too long) and don't sew too fast. Don't pull the fabric.

Only use thin fabrics with this foot, never heavy fabrics!