Sewing with a Walking foot

Double transport foot (walking foot) with open front.

Use this foot with thin or slippery fabrics. Or if striped or checked fabric has to be perfectly sewn, or for quilting.

You cannot sew all stitches with this foot.We advise the following stitches:

  • Straight stitch (needle position left or middle)
  • Zig-zag stitch (maximum width 5 mm)

How to attach the foot

Take the normal foot and the presser foot holder off the machine.

Attach the walking foot. The forked part has to fit over the needle holder.

On the left side, the food needs to fit around the presser foot rod so the screw can be tightened correctly.

Lower the foot with the lever and tighten all screws.

Before starting to sew check that everything is tightened correctly. Turn the handwheel and check that the needle doesn't hit the foot.

Don't sew on high speed with the walking foot.

Attention :With some machines the forked part doesn't fit around the needle holder, change either the screw or the needleholder.