Foot Pedal is sticking and Overlock machine keeps sewing

My foot pedal seems to be sticking after I release it and keeps sewing!

If the pedal of your sewing machine, overlock machine or embroidery machine remains stuck,
you can follow the steps below to fix this problem.

Open the pedal carefully using a large flat screwdriver.

This works with many pedals, but not all. So try carefully.

Spray the moving parts with a little penetrating oil.

Reassemble the foot pedal.

Move well back and forth a few times.

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ADVICE: Performing periodic maintenance on your sewing machine is particularly important.
A well-maintained machine will likely run better and prevent annoying, time consuming, and costly problems later.

It is certainly advisable to give your machine regular maintenance.
You can easily do this yourself with our free maintenance tips
View our maintenance films here!

Order your maintenance kit here including needles, oil, brush, screwdriver, etc.