How do you install a brother needle threader?

Install needle threader of Brother Embroidery - Sewing machine, eg type 950 -955?

The thread threader consists of a number of separate parts (see photo).
First assemble these parts according to the drawing below.

When you have put the parts together, you will see the following:

Slide this assembly onto the axle on the left of the presser foot on the sewing machine (see photo). The protruding catches fit exactly into the slots on the threader.

Once the needle threader has been slid onto the machine, you can check that it is working properly by pressing the lever on the side of the machine..

Make sure that the protruding pin of part 2 (see first image) falls into the groove. This pin is indicated by a red arrow in the above images. This causes the threader to rotate / move as it is pushed down to pull the thread through the needle.

Brother needle threader general

If the needle threader goes down but does not turn, the pin is not in the groove.
See also the image below.


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