How does an automatic needle threader work?

How to use an automatic needle threader
Thread the thread as described in the manual up to the hook above the needle.
Make sure the needle is properly inserted and not bent.

Push the needle threader down with your left hand. The needle threader will turn, wrapping the 2 "hooks" on the right around the needle.

Besides the needle, there is a thread guide. Hook the thread under thread guide.
Take the thread in your right hand and pull the threader guide down and pass the thread into the hook. 

Meanwhile, hold the needle threader down with your left hand.  Hook will be on the opposite site of needle eye.

Now release the threader guide and pull the loop through the eye of the needle. Pull the thread on the side completely.

The thread makes a loop in the needle eye, you can pull this further through.

If it doesn't work right away, try again. If it still does not work after repeated attempts, it is best to put a new needle in the machine.
Always use Schmetz needles for this.

The needle threader still doesn't work ?

  • Check that the needle is properly inserted, flat side to the back and in the highest position.
  • Are you using Schmetz needles? Otherwise, order new needles here.
  • Make sure the needle is in the highest position.
  • It may be that the hook that goes through the needle is bent. Try to bend this with tweezers or small pliers so that the hook fits into the needle eye.

The needle threader itself must sit properly on the shaft. Check this by pushing it upwards until it is in the correct position.

See also the information of the Brother needle threader here

TIP: If the needle threader does go through the eye of the needle, but catches when going back, it is generally because the needle being used is too thin. The smaller the needle, the smaller the eye.
It can also happen that the needle threader does not pass properly through the eye of the needle and that the thread is therefore not caught.  We recommend using the needle threader with needles from size 80.

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