Machine sews by itself

Does your sewing machine run on its own? Just really fast? Or not at all?
Often your pedal is burned out.

Then order our Universal foot pedal.
Suitable for all non-electronic sewing / overlocking machines.
You use your old cable and adapt your new footpedal.
As easy as turning on a plug.

More information about new foot pedals

Is the machine still running, but getting slower, and do you have an air pedal?
Then the pedal is leaking, or the hose is leaking.

Then order our Singer air pedal with air hose

More info about Singer air hose pedal/control

Pay attention! If you have a computer-controlled or electronic sewing machine, our uni pedal will not fit here.

Performing periodic maintenance on your sewing machine is particularly important.
A well-maintained machine will likely run better and prevent annoying, time consuming, and costly problems later.

You can easily do this yourself with our free maintenance tips.
View our maintenance films here!

Order your maintenance kit here including needles, oil, brush, screwdriver, etc.