Overlocker motor doesn't work but light is on

Some overlock machines are equipped with an electronic protection.

This means that if the front and / or side cover is open, or not closed properly, the machine will not work.
However, the light will burn.

Remove the thread from the machine, and raise the presser foot
Open and close the cover(s) a few times while holding down the pedal.
If the machine is now running, the cover was not closed properly, or the cover does not close properly.
Watch the movie below how you can easily solve this yourself.

If it still doesn't work, it could also be due to the foot pedal, see this link:
Machine pedal is defective

ADVICE: Performing periodic maintenance on your sewing machine is particularly important.
A well-maintained machine will likely run better and prevent annoying, time consuming, and costly problems later.

It is certainly advisable to give your machine regular maintenance.
You can easily do this yourself with our free maintenance tips
View our maintenance films here!

Order your maintenance kit here including needles, oil, brush, screwdriver, etc.