Sewing machine needles often break

If many needles break during sewing, this could be the cause:

  • Are you using the right needles for the right fabric (eg jeans needle, tricot needle or leather needle)?
  • Are you using Schmetz needles?
  • Is the needle properly positioned (flat side to the back) and high enough in the machine?
  • Never pull on the fabric!
  • Is the fabric too thick? If you can't easily pierce the fabric with a pin, then the machine can't either.

Does the needle only break when sewing in reverse?


  • Then the needle is too thin or the fabric is too thick
  • Then stop and raise the needle before sewing in reverse
  • Always use the correct needle for the correct fabric, eg jeans needles for denim. Never pull on the fabric while sewing. Never sew in reverse at full speed on thick fabric. The needle is correctly inserted in the machine (99% = flat side to the back).

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Performing periodic maintenance on your sewing machine is particularly important.
A well-maintained machine will likely run better and prevent annoying, time consuming, and costly problems later.

It is certainly advisable to give your machine regular maintenance.
You can easily do this yourself with our free maintenance tips
View our maintenance films here!

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