CB hook system

How do I get my sewing machine unstuck?

If your sewing machine has jammed, there is often thread stuck at the bottom, you can easily fix this yourself and prevent it. Broken threads can wind around machine parts and prevent parts from moving.

The hook of a sewing machine should be cleaned regularly to keep your sewing machine clean and happy!

  • The first step in cleaning is to power off the machine and remove all your accessories. Remove your presser foot and needle as well as the stitch plate.
  • Open the bobbin door on the front of the machine. Gently lift the lever on the bobbin case to release it from the hook (fig. 1).
  • Take out the bobbin case and then put the machine down (fig. 2 and 3).
  • Remove the ring that holds the hook in position (fig. 4 and 5).
  • Remove the hook.
  • Clean all parts (fig. 6 and 7) as well as the hook.
  • Lubricate everything (fig. 8) and then let the machine run smoothly, but tighten the needle clamp.
  • Then put the hook back (fig. 9 to 12).
  • Insert the bobbin case (fig. 13).
  • Now you can start testing, make sure the machine is threaded correctly, otherwise the machine will continue to jam.









ADVICE: Performing periodic maintenance on your sewing machine is particularly important.
A well-maintained machine will likely run better and prevent annoying, time consuming, and costly problems later.

It is certainly advisable to give your machine regular maintenance.
You can easily do this yourself with our free maintenance tips
View our maintenance films here!

Order your maintenance kit here including needles, oil, brush, screwdriver, etc.