Matri's 100% After Sales Support

That's why you buy your new machine only at the real sewing machine specialist.
Matri has been the sewing machine specialist since 1929!


1. Prompt customer service with the repair and maintenance of your machin

If you have a technical problem or customer complaint and your machine is still under warranty,
we will promptly help you ! Please note that 99% of common technical issues are adressed in our tip page, so before you contact us, please follow the instructions on this page, we are sure they will resolve your issue.

2. Warranty repairs are returned at our expense.

3. Professionnal Technical support

Machines under warranty are professionnaly repaired by our technical team. The return charges are paid in full by us. Before returning your machine, please read the terms and conditions and never send us the machine without the proper documentation.

4. Qualified demonstrators

Our professionnal team of demonstrators will gladly help you with your sewing project and will suggest instructions to surpass your sewing skills. Explain with as much detail as possible your request per e-mail, and one of our demonstrators will contact you swiftly with suggestions.

5. Demonstrations and Functionalities. Machine maintenance and operation

We have put on line videos of our very extensive range of sewing machines, embroidery machines, overlockers and mannequins. You will find detailed demonstrations explaining the various functions of the machine as well as an easy DIY maintenance instruction video on how to best care for your machine.
Sewing machine, embroidery machine, serger and mannequin videos can be found here.

We have also put a lot of information about the use of various presser feet and accessories for you online.
Presser feet and accessory instructions can be found here.