Terms & Conditions

  1. Delivery. Your order will be delivered as soon as the total amount on the invoice is remitted to the account of Matri in Deventer, mentioning the invoice/order number.
    You can also pay via PayPal.

  2. Definitions. According to these conditions, Buyer means any individual or organization who agrees to buy products from Matri .

  3. Order. When ordering a product, the Buyer agrees automatically with these conditions of sale. -. The items that are not delivered [are not available or cannot be delivered ] shall not be mentioned on the invoice and the Buyer shall not have to pay for them.
    Matri reserves the right to refuse delivery or to demand payment in advance.

  4. Complaints. Complaints should be acknowledged in writing within 10 working days after the receipt of products. If this period has ended, the Buyer shall loose any right of reemboursement or replacement.

  5. Errors-disclaimer. Colour deviation in publications, product errors or content and product aspect adjustments are possible. Matri is not responsible for all these. Matri reserves the right to adjust prices at any moment.Matri is not responsible for possible consequences of technical inaccuracies, typographical or software errors on this site.

  6. Attribution of property. All Goods are property of Matri until the whole amount of Money has been paid.

  7. Payment. Payment can be done as follows:

    1.  IBAN    NL70 Rabo 0377771406r
    2. By creditcard 
    3. Via PayPal

  8. Non Payment. In case of non-payment, Matri is entitled to receive its products back without any legal interference of a third part. Buyer shall pay all charges, including lawyer's fee, bailiff and other related charges.If the money shall not be paid within 30 working days after receiving the invoice, the Buyer shall pay an interest of 1% of the amount mentioned on the invoice on a monthly basis. A shorter period of time is also considered to be a whole month when paying interest.

  9. Returning Goods. Products can be returned only on the basis of a written authorization sent by Matri. When returning products, the Buyer shall not be discharged of payment, unless otherwise agreed with Matri .Written agreement from Matri is compulsory. (exception:specifications of Door-to-door Sales Act)

  10. Transport risk: Matri bears the risk of damage and loss of the items, but only when shipped with track and trace.
    After the items have been received by the customer, the risk of damage and loss passes to the customer.
    In the event of a return within the cooling-off period, the transport risk is transferred to the customer after the items have been received by TNT or the carrier designated by Matri.
    If one or more items are lost, the customer undertakes to cooperate with the investigation upon first request. In the event of non-compliance with this obligation, Matri is entitled to recover the price of the articles from the customer.
    Any form of compensation will lapse if the customer does not enter the delivery address correctly

  11. 14 day trial / Return Policy: If, for whatever reason you are unhappy with your purchase you can return it to Matri within 14 days of purchase.
    This period of 14 working days applies to all offers.
    During this period, the articles may be assessed for quality and performance, which means that the customer can return the product if defect.
    This also means that the customer is entitled to return the reviewed articles without any obligation within 14 days of purchase.
    During this period the consumer will treat the product and packaging with care. He will only unpack the product to the extent of use and to assess whether he wishes to keep the product. If he exercises his right of withdrawal, he shall return the product with all accessories and return the product in its original condition and packaging, in accordance with the instructions provided by Matri, if reasonably possible. (Machine must be in original packaging and complete to be returned, with copy of invoice with a letter with the reason for return and statement of bank or giro account number or IBAN number, after checking the product your money will be returned within 7 working days) Also, the customer has to fill in all the return conditions. The cost of the return shipment shall be paid by the customer.
    This 14 days return policy period starts on the date of delivery of the product.
    The proof that the client has used his power to return within this 14 return policy period timely, rests with the customer. Matri accepts in this respect a document by TNT or signed by the carrier, or similar document.

    We do not charge a cancellation fee between ordering and home delivery of a product.
  12. Application. All these delivery conditions are applicable on all deliveries of Matri in the case of all orders made by telephone, by mail (normal mail or fax) or in the case of ordering via the website www.matri.nl. These conditions are not applicable when purchasing products in the shop.

  13. Disclaimer
    Matri strives to include accurate and current information, but can not
    ensure that the information is correct at the time when it is
    received, or that the information in the course of time is still correct is.
    Therefore, from the information on these pages no rights

  14. can be derived and Matri accepts no liability for damages
    as a result of inaccuracies and / or outdated information. Certain
    links on this site lead to other sites to third party servers
    Matri to which has no control.Disclaimer
  15. Warranty: Matri gives a very comprehensive warranty on all its products that are sold through the website. The guarantee is always clearly indicated on your invoice.
    All our machines are household machines, and therefore developed and produced for household use.
    Any other use is considered ineffective, and Matri is not liable for damage caused by inefficient use.
    Warranty conditions

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