lock machine and cover lock machine info

All information and differences about lock and coverlock machines


What is the advantage of an overlock machine?

With a locking machine, also called "overlock", stretchy fabrics are sewn together and finished with the 3- or 4-thread overlock stitch. This gives your sewing a professional look. You can simply refine woven or frayed fabrics. In addition, the lock machine can also create blind seams and clean zoom edges and edges, at the same time cuts and lures the lure. Turn each garment to the left and see the seams: clean and directly with an overlocking machine.

A locking machine is a supplement to your sewing machine, but not a substitute. However, a lock machine is essential if you want to finish your sewing really nice. Sewing is just the professional degree.

How to easily create a T-shirt with the Lock machine, free mini course.
How to easily create a T-shirt with the Lock machine, and a Cover lock machine free mini course.

The difference between an overlock machine and a cover stitcher

A lock machine is therefore there for better cutting and closing work. For the typical cover stitches, which are used for refining tricot fabrics, there is a coverlock machine. Cover stitches and top stitches are the stitches that you see below or at the neck of a T-shirt. You can only make these stitches with a coverlock machine, but not with a standard lock machine. There are also combination machines, which we do not recommend.

A overlockmachine as an indispensable sewing tool.
If you do not have a lock machine, it is advisable to buy an overlock machine first. Later, you can always buy a cover stitch machine, but an overlocker makes for a nice finish for your sewing.